Lim {Cheng Soon}

Shipping Mantra: Fix What's Broken First

15 April 2012 - Penang, Malaysia

So Richerd and I were working on PairMixer (matches singles on Pair), our weekend project last week. We started by drafting the simplest flow of how things work and then spent the next few hours to churn out a prototype. The prototype was workable, but far from perfect. And then, we found ourselves having these conversations:

"Should the user be able to share their profile?"
"Can the user be on someone's waiting list if he/she is taken?"
"Should we add gender preferences like other dating websites?"
" do we supposed to get more female users?"
(and many more)

We spent a couple of hours debated among ourselves from these questions when:

Once we realized how little time we've gotten left, we finally had the conscience to say, "Let's just fix what's broken first".

As it turned out, we spent the remaining weekend fixing what's broken.

We shipped in time.

Fixing what's broken first. This sounded like a common sense piece of advice, but it surprises me how many people doesn't actually apply this. It certainly surprised me when I found myself not doing it. §

(read the full story of how we built and shipped here)

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