Lim {Cheng Soon}

Kids These Days

05 May 2012 - Penang, Malaysia

So I was talking to this 11-year-old kid. We were doing some shootaround at a basketball court and I don't exactly remember what leads to the below conversations...

ME: "So you play video games?"

KID: "I love playing video games."

ME: "What's your favorite console? Xbox 360?"

KID: "I don't like Xbox 360."

ME: "Why? Even with kinect and all the cool stuff?"

KID: (shaking his head)

ME: "What about PS3?"

KID: "I don't like PS3."

ME: "Oh, so you must be into Wii?"

KID: "Wii is not fun."

ME: "Geeze. Then what is it that you like?"

KID: "iPad."

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